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The eighth color is either myth or magic depending on
who you ask. It’s the impossible, the forbidden and
can’t be seen by just anyone or in ordinary viewing
conditions. Color Eight has a vision that reaches far
beyond the obvious to bring innovative and elegant
products to market. Our mission? To reveal
what is hidden. To help humans make sense
of this fast paced, technologically
driven world.


Marina Borukhovich, CEO

Marina Borukhovich, CEO & Co-FounderMarina is
the Chief Executive Officer of Color Eight LLC. Marina started her career as a developer at Lockheed Martin. Following her true entrepreneurship passion she started a budding event management & invitation business. After moving
to Amsterdam and becoming a cancer survivor, her passion turned to helping other women feel in control and beautiful through the process and has started the Future of Health Foundation. Carrying that forward she has been hacking
her body and became a health coach realizing that food & human behavior modification is key to feeling healthy & Happy.

Dan Kogan, CTO

Dan Kogan, CTO & Co-FounderEntrepreneur by choice, software
engineer by training and application architect by experience, Dan is interested in nurturing companies that are innovating in the Internet sector, especially in the consumer health-related space, to achieve the new frontiers in
user engagement. Creative analytics, unique approach to personalized search, metrics, decision-making support, user data analysis, and social recommendations are just some of the techniques that Dan is passionate about and have
extensive expertise in. During the past 17 years Dan Kogan has developed enterprise-class software for the financial, software and retail industries and had founded two successful companies – Information Laboratory, acquired by
IBM in 2003 and HealthWorldWeb, acquired by Health Grades in 2010.

Advisory Board
Esther Dyson

Esther DysonEsther Dyson (@edyson on twitter) is chairman of EDventure
Holdings. Her primary activity is investing in and nurturing start-ups, with a recent focus on health care and aerospace. From October 2008 to March of 2009, she lived in Star City outside Moscow, Russia, training as a backup cosmonaut.
On the health side, she is an investor in 23andMe (also a director), Applied Proteomics, Crohnology, Genomera, GreenGoose, HealthEngage, Health Loop, HealthRally, HealthTap, i2Dx, Keas (also an advisor), Medivo, mEquilibrium, Omada
Health, Organized Wisdom, PatientsLikeMe, PatientsKnowBest (UK), Resilient, Sleepio (UK), Tocagen, Valkee (Finland), VitaPortal (Russia, also an advisor) and Voxiva (also a director). She recently served on the selection panel
for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Young Leader Awards and is active on the “health not healthcare” speaker circuit.

Eugene Borukhovich

Eugene BorukhovichEugene has previously served as a VP & CIO
of International at a Fortune 15 Pharmacy Benefit Management company with the last 2.5 years working with European clients and vendors to launch new and innovative healthcare products. Eugene was a co-founder and a chief evangelist
officer of a healthcare startup, HealthWorldWeb, which was sold to a publicly traded company in 2010. He is also the founder and a community organizer of Health 2.0 NYC & Health 2.0 Amsterdam and has been a pioneer in healthcare
consumerism and open health data.



Build team YOU people who care to see you succeed in your journey to wellness, or healing
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